Nazareth Lutheran in Armstrong

Worship begins at 9 AM.

BLAST is every other Wednesday from 230-4.

Confirmation and Youth Group is every Wednesday from 5-7.

This is a shared program with United and

is held at Nazareth each week. 


Communion is done on the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of each month.

Healing Services will be held when we have the opportunity to have a 5th Sunday in a month. 

Nazareth's 2024 Church Council

Dale Anderson- President

Brian Craig- Vice President

Deb Obbink- Treasurer

Kristin Buum- Secretary 

Natalie Henriksen- Worship & Music Team Chair

Vic Rooney- Youth & Family Team Chair

Kristin Buum- Youth Ministry


Contact Us Today!

Nazareth Lutheran Church

401 5th Street

Armstrong, Iowa 50514

712 868-3510





United Lutheran Church 

208 W Maple Street

Ringsted, Iowa 50578




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