Nazareth Lutheran in Armstrong

Worship beings at 9 AM. BLAST is every other Wednesday from 230-4. Confirmation and Youth Group is every

Wednesday from 5-7.


Communion is done on the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of each month.

Nazareth's 2023 Church Council

Dustin Tirevold- President

Dale Anderson- Vice President

Poisition Needs Filled- Treasurer

Kristin Buum- Secretary 

Natalie Henriksen- Worship & Music Team Chair

Vic Rooney- Youth & Family Team Chair

Kristin Buum- Youth Ministry


Contact Us Today!

Nazareth Lutheran Church

401 5th Street

Armstrong, Iowa 50514

712 868-3510





United Lutheran Church 

208 W Maple Street

Ringsted, Iowa 50578




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