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United Lutheran's congregation has formed their call commitee for pursuing a new Pastor so the process will begin with meeting with the synod representative to guide us through the proper steps in getting a new Pastor obtained. Thank-you to those who have chosen to serve this committee!

United Lutheran and Nazareth had their first call committee meeting Feb 22nd and we got some great advice from Mike Kroona (assistant to the Bishop) on how the process works and what steps to follow. Members of United will be getting a brief survey to fill out and if there are any questions or concerns during this process please be sure to contact a member of the committee.


Members are: 

Amanda Morris

Ros Gunderson

Dustin Bollig

Stewart Ohrtman

Daryl Luke


Update 4-14-21:

United Lutheran has submitted their profile and awaiting review from synod. A video is in progress to also submit in the near future.

Update 4-26-21:

Video has been submitted and synod will review the profile and video!

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